Christian Law Enforcement Fellowship

Christian Law Enforcement Fellowship is a faith-based non-denominational Christian para-church organization committed to a Biblically oriented outreach to the law enforcement community of San Diego County. We strive to do this through a variety of approaches as the Holy Spirit leads with opportunity, insight, answer to prayer and spiritual burden driven by personal involvement with law enforcement agencies and personnel. Christians in Government is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

We believe the Lord established this ministry, and provides for it as He sees fit, altogether spiritually, physically, financially, and materially. We strive to be faithful by God’s Holy and inspired written Word, profitable for our teaching, reproof, correction and training in righteousness that we may present each man adequate and equipped for every good work. And certainly the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart, a clear conscience and a sincere faith.

2023 Prayer Breakfast

Once again the Annual First Responders and LE Prayer Breakfast is being hosted for a morning of great encouragement, hope and joy for all first responders and emergency, safety and criminal justice local, state and federal personnel in our county. We strive as always to present you with a morning together with the community you serve with each day. We pull out the stops to serve you a breakfast that will amaze and thoroughly bless you, along with a program and message that will deeply touch you. This is a morning set for you and all that you do, and to bring a blessing to your heart and great hope to your spirit.

National and international crisis, accelerating crime and appalling moral decline continue to shake our nation. We want to encourage one another to humble ourselves, pray and seek the Lord that our land may be healed and our hearts restored. Our ultimate goal is to encourage and challenge law enforcement, emergency fire and rescue, and criminal justice personnel throughout San Diego to project this vision. As guardians of the public trust ordained to exercise the safety oversight and authority of our government, it is incumbent upon us that we be founded in truth and committed to what is right. We believe the only way to achieve this is through a commitment to recognize and acknowledging the Truth of God's Word in authority over our life and profession. If we consent and obey, God promises that He will impart to us His grace and rejoice over us for good. This is our calling. May we be blessed by your joining with us on March 10!

For more information about the breakfast, please visit our Prayer Breakfast page.

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2023 Prayer Breakfast
2023 Law Enforcement Prayer Breakfast

The 2023 Prayer Breakfast will be held on Friday morning, March 10th. Our speaker will be Misty Cedrun, Lt. SDPD (Ret.) For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit our Prayer Breakfast page.

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