CLEF Profile - Bill Hansen

CLEF Profile - Bill Hansen
Bill Hansen
Board Member
Christians in Government

“Bill” … as known by friends and acquaintances, is one of few remaining original members of the Christian in Government (CIG) Board. He had met the late founder Hubert H. Mitchell in the early 1970’s while a Civil Engineer with the City of Los Angeles. Their relationship began at a prayer and bible study held in offices of then City Council President, John S. Gibson. It was to not only lead him into a world of Christian service to government workers, but become CIG’s first Executive Board-President upon incorporation in the mid-1970’s as a non-profit entity in California.

Bill was born and raised on a farm in the San Joaquin Valley in central California near Fresno. He worked the farm as a young boy and later as a carpenter while attending Fresno State College, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. He was confirmed in the Danish Lutheran Church at the age of 12. But, while lost in the Sierra Nevada Mountains hunting with his father as a teenager, he discovered the reality of God …and made promises to the Lord he would later keep.

While at college, he met Mary, his choice for a life-long partner. After their marriage in 1960 and completing college, Bill enjoyed a brief stint with the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) before moving permanently to Glendale, California. Bill began working as civil engineer for the City of Los Angeles specializing in fluid mechanics and held many key positions before promoting into management. During his career, he pursued post-graduate studies at both UCLA and the University of Southern California (USC). Along the way, he earned a Masters degree in Public Administration from USC, stopping short of a Doctorate to concentrate on career advancement. After retirement from public service in 1995, he carried on his professional career in private practice. He also served as a member and officer of numerous career related local and national organizations.

Bill remains active in CIG today and committed to lifelong concerns for bringing Godly principles into the government workplace. As a “senior citizen,” he also enjoys many hobbies, including woodworking, hunting, fishing, collecting small arms, singing and writing. Bill and his beloved Mary share their time these days between their original home in Glendale and a seaside condominium in Dana Point, California. They attend church in Glendale where both are active members.